Russian Language II

This is an advanced course for those students who have sufficient fluency in speaking Russian but have some difficulties in writing (spelling and punctuation), misusage of words, limited vocabulary. The main purpose is to develop all four language skills (speaking, writing, reading and understanding of oral speach) systematically.


The course includes systematic skills development work:

  • grammar exercises;
  • writing of essays;
  • reading in Russian classics(short stories and prosaic extracts of 19-20 centuries, poetry of 20 century);
  • visiting theaters and cinemas to get acquintance with classical Russian plays and movies;
  • conversations and discussions on different topics (topics are chosen individually, depending on students interests).

We use a three-pronged approach to vocabulary expansion consisting of learning strategies, vocabulary systems, and lexical sets.

Thematically this course is based on socio-cultural material and includes information on Russian history and geography. In addition to a purely pragmatic purpose, the illustrative material aims at broadening the student’s knowledge of Russian culture.