Alumni Testimonials: Fall 2020 (online semester)

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I look back very positively on my experience in The Math in Moscow Program for several reasons. For one, the program offered me a unique opportunity to fully explore my interests in both math and the Russian language. I was also particularly impressed by the professors, who always sought to tailor their teaching methods to the needs of the students. On the whole, I found that the program was committed to optimizing the experience of the students. This care included finding creative solutions for the challenges of online learning during the pandemic. I remain very grateful for the unwavering support of the program’s organizers and instructors during this difficult time, and I would highly recommend any interested students to take advantage of all that the Math in Moscow Program has to offer.

Will Ballard
Pomona College

I attended Maths in Moscow Spring 21 and Fall 20, both of which were entirely online, while living in another country. The programme tried it’s best to accommodate all students in spite of the time difference by running two sessions of tutorials for each class, so if the next sessions are also held remotely you should not worry about the time difference.

The Russian language classes had very small class sizes, lots of opportunity to speak and were highly personalised to my interests. I’ve improved my speaking and listening skills as well as learned more difficult grammar. There are many very subtle parts of Russian grammar but my teachers have explained it very well to me.

As it turned out I wasn’t as well-prepared for some of the maths classes as I had hoped to be. But every professor tried their best to meet me where I was and get the most out of the class. The classes also helped me figure out where I am weak and what to improve on going forwards.

For the classes where I was prepared I’m learning a lot about a topic I’ve been curious about (there is a wide variety of classes to choose from). I’ve been encouraged to be more reflective than before.

Jia En Toh
Australian National University (Australia)

Even though the Covid-19 made taking courses harder than usual, the online semester I spent with the MiM program is an invaluable experience to me. I learned a lot of exciting math, and the professors tried their best to make the course materials available to students in different time zones. The online discussion sessions and problem sets were also enjoyable and helped me solidify my understandings of the courses. The courses were well-structured and even very hard topics were well motivated. My professors answered questions clearly and promptly. I would like to thank the MiM program for making all these happened during Covid-19, and I think the MiM program helped me find where my interests in math lie.

Ying Wang
Colorado College