Alumni Testimonials: Spring 2019

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I am so glad I came to Moscow – this was an awesome experience. The program is really what you make of it. I recommend everyone

  1. take classes they are genuinely interested in (or if going to grad school, the ones you need)
  2. find a hobby (something that gets you integrated into the city), a community (mine were weightlifting & teaching at school 57)
  3. take Russian classes and invest in learning the language !
  4. explore the city !!! Don’t stay here a whole semester without taking advantage of all the awesome things here.

I love Moscow and I hope you do too.

Neeknaz Abari
University of California, Berkeley

This has been an excellent experience, and I definitely feel much better prepared for graduate school thanks to this program. There is a strong emphasis placed on engaging with the material. Doing so has been very rewarding.

Shaver Phagan
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I really enjoyed this semester in Moscow, both for math and the city. The courses here are demanding but interesting and provide you with connections to other branches of mathematics, which I found to be good to learn about earlier than later. Also, Artem the tutor has been very helpful in helping me with courseworks. I am really glad that the program has a tutor ! As for the city, I enjoy walking along the streets and see different styles of buildings.

Livia Xu
Reed College

Coming to this program was one of the best decisions of my life. The support provided by both faculty and fellow students made me fall in love with math (again). It has given me confidence to perform serious mathematics and also every professor here was truly inspirational.

Young Jin Kim
Reed College

I am very glad I decided to come to Moscow and I learned a lot about what it means to study Mathematics at a graduate level. I would recommend the program to any who want to attend graduate school, especially if they also are interested in Russian language and culture.

Jonah Berggren
University of Kansas

Joining this program was a great choice for me. This program provides you with a real space to just devote yourself to mathematics. The professors are great and so supportive, and one of the themes of this program is trying to fill in the gaps in your understanding of math, and that really was achieved. I had a great time with Math in Moscow, I highly recommend if you want to get serious with math.

Alexander Gaura
Princeton University