Alumni Testimonials: Spring 2020

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The Math in Moscow program gives me opportunities to meet with wonderful professors and fellow math undergrads. I was glad that the courses went smoothly even it turned to online courses in March. I’m very grateful for my semester in IUM. I would like to recommend the MiM program to everyone who wishes to have an incredible mathematical experience here!

Yuanyuan Chen
Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

The Math in Moscow program was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it! The program was really cool and I had a great time transitioning to living in Moscow, exploring the city, meeting new people, trying new foods, and taking math classes. I only lived in Moscow from February till mid-March before the program transitioned to online learning due to covid-19 and I returned home, but those few weeks were packed with awesome and unique memories. The quality of math is exceptional, as are the professors. Even when the semester transitioned to online learning, the professors went above and beyond to ensure that the learning process was disrupted as little as possible and students had the same opportunities to succeed.

Marshall Waggoner
Cornell University

The Math in Moscow program is a unforgettable experience for me. I have never learned so much exciting math at the same time before. Even though the program turned into online learning because of the pandemic, the transition was quite quick and smooth and the remote learning experience was definitely on a par with in-person learning. The professors have put a lot of efforts into accommodating different students’ needs while keeping the instruction interactive and interesting.

Ying Wang
Colorado College

This has been my second semester at the Math in Moscow programme. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the teaching happened remotely. Despite this, it has been a fruitful mathematical experience; the amount of material I have learnt is on par with my previous semester at the Math in Moscow programme. Additionally, the infrastructure for online learning developed this semester has led to unique opportunities, such as continuing some mathematical discussions with professors far after the program had formally ended. The inability to properly explore Moscow has been a shame, but from a mathematical standpoint the experience has been excellent.

Malcolm Fack
Lund University

I did Math in Moscow for the year 2019/2020 and can confirm that it was an amazing experience. All of their teachers care for their classes in each individual ways and almost all of them have different teaching styles. Most different from how the US teaches. I find this extremely useful as it forced me to adapt my ability to learn and apply math in different ways. To be honest, some of the classes and teachers weren’t to my likely, but they make up for it by always having extremely insightful answers to questions. This alone, I believe makes the program one of the best for math. The Russian classes did an amazing job actually making me be able to have conversations in Russian. When COVID-19 hit and we had to go online. Most classes buffered for a week. After that week, all classes went online with a set meeting date or they recorded their lectures, usually both. The classes that wanted to continue having normal zoom ‘face to face’ classes changed the class schedule to accommodate everyone. This usually meant that the classes started at 6pm in Russia and ending around 9pm. In short, the teachers have a strong love for the subject and want to teach others about it. They are willing to break down anything when needed and push your skills to a level that you wouldn’t be at for the next couple of years.

Skylar Werner
University of North Texas