Alumni Testimonials: Spring 2021 (online semester)

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This has been my second semester at the Math in Moscow program. Participating in this program is really a pleasant and unique experience for me. I highly recommend this program for the following reasons:
Firstly, at the Math in Moscow program students are allowed to choose courses from a very wide range including many subjects and topics that are considered to be ‘entrance tickets’ of modern mathematics. These courses are nicely tailored in order to both cover more advanced topics and give the students a better understanding. This makes MiM a program from which you could gain knowledge and math maturity rapidly.
Moreover, the density of Math enthusiasts at MiM is very high, which means that it is not hard to find mathematical friends or probably future colleagues here. For me personally I met most of my best friends at MiM, and we keep in touch after the end of the program, discussing math (and memes) and sharing mathematical resources regularly.

Actually the MiM program has too many good points that I cannot list all of them here in detail. I recommend that every undergraduate student who is interested in mathematics to participate in this program to explore this paradise for future mathematicians by him or herself!

Hanwen Liu
Loughborough University (United Kingdom)

It was quick unfortunate that I could only spend this semester online due to the pandemic, but I still had a wonderful experience. The way things are taught here is somewhat different from how my college does it, and it really helped me to reshape some habits and filled in many gaps in my study of mathematics. Also, getting to meet the great professors and classmates was another precious part of it. I would love to get a chance to meet them in person. At any rate, I would highly recommend this program to anyone, especially if you’re coming from a school in the US with a rather small math department.

Thomas Wang
College of William and Mary

I walk away from my two semesters spent in the online classrooms of the Math in Moscow program blown away by the commitment the professors show in relation to their students. Throughout the program, math and foreign language professors alike tailored their approaches to my strengths and weaknesses, and displayed a genuine desire to watch me reach my full potential. At the same time, there was a constant emphasis on building a friendly and welcoming environment, which helped me to be productive over long stretches of time. In short, I believe that the Math in Moscow program has had a wonderful influence on me as a student of math and the Russian language: thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of my professors, I feel more motivated and capable than ever to continue my pursuit of my deepest academic interests.

Will Ballard
Pomona College