Alumni Testimonials: Fall 2002

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I enjoyed very much my time in Moscow. The living conditions were simple,
but adequate. I liked living in the hostel because there were other
students around from all over the world. Moscow is a very beautiful city,
and I had a great time exploring it and going to concerts and museums.
The semester overall was challenging, but I never felt very stressed or
under pressure. I think this was because my professors were very warm,
friendly and understanding. I liked that I was able to interact closely
with my professors because the classes were so small. I felt that I
received a lot of individual attention. I gained a lot from my experience
in Moscow. I think I learned as much or more than I would have had I
stayed in the U.S. I certainly wouldn’t have experienced as much
emotional growth. Being in another country really changed me. Seeing
another way of life really made me look at the world differently.
Finally, I really appreciated being able to use the piano in the
cafeteria. It was great to be able to practice in a very private area.
I felt that I grew a lot as a musician as well.


I believe this has been my best semester up to now, both on the academic and cultural aspects.
The program was very well organized, and I’ve had no significant problem whatsoever.
I leave now with the desire to come back to Russia someday.
I hope future participants will enjoy their experience as much as I did.
I cannot thank IUM enough for all they have done for us, to give us such a
wonderful opportunity.

Martin Frankland (Montreal, Canada)

It is difficult to follow Dave’s comments. He said everything that I would want to say in a way that I couldn’t have said it. I can only say that I have fallen in love with Russia and will miss it dearly.

Vicki Everts

When I decided to come to Russia, I had no idea what I was getting into.
It was the best rushed decision of my life.
I don’t think that I could have imagined that I could really be here in Russia,
learning math that I didn’t know existed beforehand. I can’t believe, or
conceive, that tommorow I will be leaving this country, these experiences,
and my friends behind. But my knowledge and memories will remain with me forever.
I became absorbed into a culture not my own, into a world unbeknown to me before.
If I had known that I would have been this happy here, I would hence thought
about my decision more.

Dave Carchedi


My name is Jake and I am a student of North Dakota State University in the U.S.
The last four months that I’ve spent studying here at the IUM and living in
Moscow have been amazing, some of the best months of my life. I’ve discovered
more here than I could’ve imagined… and I’m not just talking about mathematics.
I thank IUM for such a unique opportunity, and I just hope I can take this entire
experience with me back to America.

Sincerely, Jacob Enget