Alumni Testimonials: Fall 2003

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I have to say that the Russians are a very interesting people totally worth of
knowing. If someone understands all the subtleties of their society, please let me know.
In any case, my stay here in Moscow was incredible.

Merci a tous les profesieurs de l’IUM et a la prochaise j’espere.

Thomas Zamojski

McGill University


My name is Jack and I just completed the Fall semester and will return
In the spring. The IUM has fulfilled all expectations I had and even more. The
Faculty has been great and the work has been interesting.

As for Moscow, it is the funniest place I’ve ever been. I have made about a
million friends here and had some great times. The clubs are great and the women
are beautiful!

It has been a great experience.

Jack Tower

Michigan State University


Well I certainly enjoyed the Russian experience. The Professors are really
awesome and friendly. I was warned by friends at home that Russian Professors
are blunt and wouldn’t hesitate to criticize students’ mathematical ability. But
I found this far from the truth. They are, once again, lovely chaps.

Keith D’Souza

University of Chicago


My name is Kristin Shaw, I study at the university of British Colombia
in Vancouver, Canada. The last 4 month have been an amazing experience.
Even though I felt as though I never had a moment rest, I am leaving Moscow
wishing that I could have experienced more of what this city has to offer!

This program is an amazing opportunity to learn about areas of mathematics
that one world normally never be exposed to at the undergraduate level.
The courses were difficult, but I have gained a great understanding of areas
of mathematics that I was previously familiar with and interest to pursue new
topics. I would like to thank the entire IUM community for contributing to my
wonderful semester. Especially for the great food – $2 lunches!!

Kristin Shaw

University of British Columbia