Alumni Testimonials: Fall 2004

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This has definitely been one of me most interesting semesters of my life. Not only did I get to learn cool new math in small intimate classes but I also got to learn a whole new language and experience a new culture. I really hope to come back to Russia some point in the future. I only have to make comment on the advanced algebra class (for which I was the only person to take for credit). “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Tim Kusalik
Queen’s University

I’ve learned a lot this semester, both mathematically and culturally. I would highly recommend Math in Moscow to any one looking for new and exciting experience. The classes here were challenging, but well worth it.

Jen Hom
Columbia University

The Mathematics here at IUM is very good. The Representation Theory class was excellent. Russia is a fascinating place, and spending four months here was for me very interesting and rewarding.

Paul Smith
College of William and Mary

Its been an absolutely wonderful semester here in Moscow. Many people before me have already said much of what – I am feeling! And I don’t think its necessary to repeat them. Suffice to say that the entire experience rates high among everything I have done so far! I hope you enjoy yourself fully and learn a lot – I certainly have!

Ashley Blacquiere
University of Prince Edward Island

Absolutely great excellence in Russia. My math classes were fun, especially representation theory. Highly recommended. Russian culture is a wonderful thing to explore and 4 months is not nearly enough. My only advice is to not drink the water and to try hard to make Russian friend.

Alex Ustian
Ohio State University

Well, this semester has taught me a lot about math and a lot of about myself both as a math student and as a foreigner. I came here without expectations, and was not disappointed, although I experienced many highs and many lows.
I agree with Alex: make sure to make Russian friends, don’t neglect the broad selection of good vodka and beer, and than things will work out.
Good luck if you decide to come,

Andrew Staal
University of Ottawa

I’ve had a ball! Nearly every day I discovered some new cool place around Moscow, and there was certainly plenty to discover in mathematics. I met wonderful people and found my curiosity growing with my knowledge.

K. J. Karns
Lewis and Clark College

To Future Math In Moscow Students,

  1. Don’t work too hard, it’s not worth it. Enjoy Moscow’s social life.
  2. Good Vodkas: St. Peterburg Vodka, Flagman, and Russian Standard.
  3. Russian women are hot!
  4. Алкоголь в малых дозах полезен в любых количествах.

Best of Luck,

Stephen D McIntyre
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Future students,
Perhaps what Steve says has an ounce of truth in it – you’ll be thrust head first into a group of students who sleep, breathe, and live mathematics. Things might get intimidating: there will be unsolvable problems, and you will have to find the answers within yourself rather than in some textbook. But you should remember to indulge both halves of your brain. Give yourself whole-heartedly to mathematics and give your soul (and your little free time!) to Russian. Know that all experiences, bad and good, are worthwhile and know that you’ll enjoy anything you dedicate yourself too.

Allison Moor,
University of Texas Austin