Alumni Testimonials: Fall 2011

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This was an amazing program and I am very appreciative to have been a part of it. The friends I have made and experiences we shared have been
some of the best in my life. The program is very well organized and all of the people involved were very helpful. I felt that many classes were very well-taught,
while others were extremely challenging. Again, I thank you for this chance.

Isaak Mucklow
University of Ottawa

Never in my life have I gotten to know a group of 9 other people this well. Living in Moscow has been a blast, and the math has been awesome and
extremely interesting. I am truly thankful for the wonderful experience that this program gave me, for there are many memories which I’ll never forget.

Jonathan Eskeldson
University of Oregon

Well, where to begin… This semester in Moscow has been an amazing time! The whole Russian Culture is quite remarkable and very different from North America.
There is so much to do, and very many things to see in such a short time period. If you have a chance to come to Moscow and want to see another part of the world
I think Math in Moscow may be for you. The Math is taught very well here and in a much different style, I think most people will be pleasantly surprised
with the experience.

Christopher Adkins
McMaster University

Math in Moscow ? Очень хорошо! (Very Good!)

P.S. This was a really cool semester. It quite changed my approach to a mathematical career in a good way. The intimate classroom experience made
me quite appreciate the merits of understanding over a simple mark, as these professors really want to teach you, and if you really want to learn, you will
learn a lot. I wish Icould stay longer but alas, I cannot. I will recommend that to anyone and to everyone. Good times we’ve had, great memories were made,
insane mathematics was learned. I am glad to have found this institution and take full advantage of it! Rock on.

Janis Lazovskis
University of Waterlo

Being exposed to such an environment will certainly add a great value to my life and career. The MiM program is the ultimate experience a mathematician
should live. I have learnt a great deal of in-depth Math, and I am really glad to have lived such an experience. More importantly, I have learnt to value
Math more and more. I understand Math better now. Through MiM I have experienced and lived Math.

Ricardo Kabila
Connecticut College

The Math in Moscow program was an excellent experience that broaded my perspectives on research subjects in mathematics. I am really happy that I had
the opportunity to discover Moscow and its surroundings. I would like to thank everyone who made this semester possible!

Since Sofia Kovalevskaya said that one cannot be a real mathematician if one does not possess the soul of a poet, here is mine – in concession
Moscou assourdie sous la neige
La craie suit a la trace nos preuves
Le professeur a plusieurs reponces
mais une seule question: “Où est Perelmann ?”

I would like to thank the IUM for everything.

Édith Viau
Université du Québec à Montréal

Classes were personal, I got a chance to practice the language, and the program was well run. I’m glad I came.

Kirill Lazebnik
State University of New York at Geneseo

Living in Moscow was a great experience and to me it is hard to separate the math from the experience of Moscow. The math was very good, and I
particularly enjoyed integrating all the knowledge from the different courses at the end of the term. Moscow is a beautiful and amazing city that
I could only start to understand, and the experience of meeting Russians and getting to understand their culture was priceless. I would recommend
this experience to everyone interested in Russia and Math!

Dallas Clement
University of British Columbia