Alumni Testimonials: Fall 2014

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I really enjoyed my time here in Moscow. The math courses here were challenging and interesting and I’ve learned a lot.
The professors here really push you to study. Outside of my mathematical experience I will always remember
my excursions to the Bolshoi Theater – I highly recommend Math in Moscow participants to take advantage of
the opportunity to get 100 rub. tickets. All in all, I highly recommend the program and will come back if I could.

Ryan Kavanagh
Queen’s University

This has been one of the most challenging and intense semesters of my life. I am very pleased
with the amount of math I learned, especially on Topology I, which was my favourite course.
I definitely recommend this program to serious students. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am sad
to be leaving. For future students I recommend learning as much Russian as you can bedore coming.
It will make your stay here more fulfilling and fun.

Harrison Le Frois
University of Nebraska Omaha

Math à Moscou c’est bien plus qu’un semestre d’études exceptionnelles en maths…
c’est un semestre d’études
exceptionnelles en maths à Moscou: l’opportunité de découvrir un noveau pays, une nouvelle ville
une nouvelle culture, une nouvelle langue. Prenez avantage de cette opportunité.

David Racicot-Desloges
Université de Sherbrooke

This was a great way to learn math and especially to get to know a new place. I would definitely advise to learn Russian
before coming here because it will allow you to do much more. Basically just try to get out as much as possible. There’s more
to do here than you can put up in a semester. Finally, travel. Estonia, Latvia, Hungary and Lithuania are still good options.
Happy travels !

Alex Sax
Stanford University

An exciting, thrilling and challenging way to personalize your study of mathematics. I would strongly recommend
to anyone passionate about mathematics and thirsty for adventure !

Mitchell Haslehurst
Nipissing University

9/10 !

Joey Beauvais-Feisthauer
University of Ottawa

Forget any small reservations you may have and come. Don’t worry about your grades or how your abilities compare
to the other students. I value all of the new experiences I’ve had, People I’ve met, and things I’ve learned. Thank you
to everyone who I’ve had the Pleasure of meeting this semester

Chris Lample
University of Alabama