Alumni Testimonials: Spring 2012

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This is undeniably one of the best ways to spend your semester. Come here, take a lot of courses, and enjoy
watching yourself progress twice as fast as you ever have at home ! But
be very sure not to spend quite your whole semester studying in Moscow. Take some warm weekend to see Kiev.
Get the perfect mix of work and play and you’ll love your time here.

Kevin Carlson
Indiana University Bloomington

To future MIM students: It’s a good program. Moscow is a crazy place, the math is good and hard. Meet some Russians, drink some vodka,
and do some math. It’s a beautiful city, and there is a lot to do and see. Take it all in, and live it all up. This is the trip and experience
of a lifetime in many many ways.

Joseph Ferrara
University of California, Berkeley

Love the city. Love the country.
Love the skyscrapers. Love the churches.
Love the perfectly made up women.
Love being the crazy person on the metro.

Will miss liters of beer and 6 rubles bread.
Will miss the bitter winter and beautiful spring.

I’ve learned a lot and matured even more. Peace &amp Love.

Jeremy Garcia
University of Northern Colorado

Still remember the anticipation &amp nervousness with which I started this journey. I didn’t expect that this would blossom into
one of the best experiences I had. The math is challenging in the best possible way. I feel I’ve grown into a much better math student.
The profs really care about you… I’ve really been touched by the attention &amp support they’ve given me. That said, DON’T make this
all about school. Those nghts drinking Baltika 7s in a park until 3am will be the nights you remember. And go to Kiev ! You’ll fall in love.
Moscow can be a cold city sometimes but it has a good heart. I hope you find it too.

Much love always xxx

Laura Walton
McMaster University

This is going to be one of the best semesters in your college life. Here I had an entirely different living and
learning experience. Walking around and see the beautiful city itself is already really fun to do. Also Russian is
an interesting and challenging language. For those who love challenging yourself, this is the perfect program to join.

Brian Chung Ping Ngai
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The program was challenging but extremely rewarding. I progressed mathematically and my language skills improved dramatically.

Jean Costello
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities