Alumni Testimonials: Spring 2014

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Moscow is a great city. It’s always awake.The mathematics is advanced, and it’s well taught.

Ryan Rozewski
Indiana University

The small size of the program provided the opportunity to really get to know students and professors.

Owen Hill
College of William and Mary

Moscow is fantastic and this was the ideal program to learn and practice Russian while also studying advanced math.

Joshua Finkel
Franklin & Marshall College

Math in Moscow is such an amazing program. If you love math and want to experience a new culture at the same time,
this is probably the best choice. The professors are all passionate and they truly care about the students since classes are small.
The two trips to St.Petersburg and Suzdal are enjoyable too.

Duc Ho
Tulane University

Being in a different country is not a surprise for me but being in Moscow is definitely filled with surprises. For me personally
it’s a remarkable experience I will never forget. It’s a great challenge, both hard and fun. But if you like mathematics,
you shouldn’t miss this program. You will meet a lot of people who have the same interest as you.

Yuhuai Wu
University of New Brunswick

Math in Moscow was an amazing experience, I would highly suggest the program if you love math.

Nick Marshall
Clarkson University

If you’re looking for a challenge, this is the place for you. The professors do a great job of adapting the courses to a level
that ensures that you reach your potential. This may have been the most influential event in my math education, as well as
my education as a human being.

Robert Rennie
Reed College

To say this program is difficult is an understatement. Not only does it challenge you mathematically but trying to navigate
and adjust to Moscow life was also very difficult. However, I find the mathematical culture and traditions here very inspiring.
Everyone, from grade school children to university student to tenured professors are incredibly proud of and dedicated
to their mathematical pursuits. I definitely would recommend this program to any young and aspiring mathematician. It will
change your perspective.

Vy Nguyen
Southern Methodist University

Participating in this program was quite an adventure. The classes here are unique to each professor, but I found
that all of my professors were open to being challenged by us. I definitely recommend taking advantage of that. Learning Russian
while living in Moscow was also a great experience – it was a treat and a challenged to experiment with practicing what
I had learned, and it was humbling. Moscow is wonderfully foreign, and Math in Moscow is a great way to explore it while
still living with Americans and having a lot of help getting around.

Anna Leigh Smith
Macalester College