History of Mathematics and Science (AD 1500-2000)


  1. The Time of the Dilletantes: from Cardano and Brahe to Descartes and Fermat
  2. The Time of the Tenacious: Kepler, Wallis and Huygens
  3. The Time of the Omnipotents: from Newton to Euler
  4. The Time of the Prophets: from Gauss to Klein
  5. The Time of the Rigorous: from Cauchy to Cantor
  6. Ordnung and Elan: Riemann, Hilbert and Poincare
  7. The Time of Troubles: from Russel to Goedel and Cohen
  8. Embarras de Richesse: from Whitney to Grothendieck
  9. Some Mathematical Interpretations of the History of Science