Fall 2021 Semester Features

Unfortunately the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made us to make all the classes and exams remote starting from the March 2020. That is the only way for us to ensure the safety of our students and faculty in those circumstances. We will not be able to invite our students to come to Moscow for the Fall 2021.

We are going to focus on keeping our classes interactive. Also the students have access to video recordings of the lectures and problem solving classes. The homework part is present as in the case of offline classes. We hope to recreate active discussions among our students. The classes begin at 6 am GMT and end at 8:30 pm GMT. If the students in a course live in very distant time zones we use different time slots for odd and even weeks.

Some of our alumni agreed to answer to the questions of our prospective students, you can find the list here. So far a part of Spring 2020 semester was online, Fall 2020 semester and Spring 2021 semester. A third of our students decided to participate in more than one semester.

We have significantly reduced the tuition fee for the online semesters, it is $4500 (US) now.

We have stopped to accept the applications for the Fall 2021 semester.